This Season

It's July 2011, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been pressed, and It's fantastic! It is fresh, grassy with strong fruit flavours and a satisfying peppery finish. One of our best oils yet, we think.
The season has been interesting to say the least. A very late fruit set had us holding our breath for while, and although we had more rain than usual this year there was not as much fruit as we would have liked. We had our first snow of the year in May, quite a good fall, as you can see by the images, and the harvest was late! Investigating the olives was a daily task, hoping against hope that we wouldn't get a really big frost before the olives were ready to pick. Luckily, although it was cool at times, we are high enough to avoid the frosts that affected some other local groves.
We began picking right at the end of May, and continued picking in mid-June, so it will be August before we are fully bottled and boxed. However, we'd love to take your orders now, so we can get our delicious oil to you as soon as possible.
We can deliver to you in Sydney- in fact we'd love to deliver to you at Marrickville from August 14 onwards, and if you are nearer to Bondi, come to pick up your oil at the "Orange Farmers Market at Bondi" on Sunday August 28, 2011.
In Canberra, come to the Canberra Regional Farmers' market at EPIC, on Saturday July 23, August 6, and the first Saturday in each month after that. Or, if you can't make the Saturday market, it is possible to arrange a pick up from Deakin.
This year our Manzanillas decided to have some time off, so we didn't manage to get enough to do our salt dried olives. However, we are still making tapenade, and this year have some very sweet 100ml bottles of extra virgin oil infused with rosemary and thyme. These make a great small gift for anyone at all, and especially someone who enjoys food. They also make great wedding remembrance gifts! Check our retail prices and bottle shapes, and create your own label.
Our infused oil range has a strong following. All make good food into gourmet food. Drizzle the oil on grilled or steamed meat and vegetables, use as the basis for a salad dressing, or just dress your salad greens straight. We have decided to stay with the four favourites –
Garlic infused – great to use for salads, raw mushroom dishes, stir-fry's, or just dipping;
Chilli and peppercorn – a great oil for stir-fry's; for adding zing to a salad dressing; for adding a teaspoon of flavour and texture to soups , like pumpkin, or chicken, or any soup really.
Spicy Eastern – coriander, cumin, cardamom and a touch of pepper add a dash to Indian and middle eastern dishes
Mandarin and Lemon – delightful, light oil, so fresh and zesty. Indulge yourself and make orange cake with it, as well as giving the finishing touch to great nut and fruit salads.
So click on Sales and Ordering, and get your order in now!